Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association

    Good Ol' Tunes to Learn

To continue the evolution of Texas-Style Fiddling and preserve tunes that aren't often played anymore, we encourage our members to learn the following tunes in preparation for the 2023 contest season. Click the titles to view a pdf of the sheet music.

Happy Fiddling!

Arkansas Traveler
Bitter Creek
Bonnie Kate's Reel
Dundee's Hornpipe
Eighth of January
Forked Deer
Hell Amongst the Yearlings
Honey Boy
Liverpool Hornpipe
Martha Campbell
Miller's Reel
Portsmouth Hornpipe
Queen of the West Hornpipe
Saint Anne's Reel
Snowbird in the Ash Bank
Temperance Reel
Wagner's Hornpipe
Waynesboro Reel
Wild John

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