2015 TOTFA Contest Results

Llano ~ April 3-5, 2015
Llano Fiddle Fest

All Ages
All Ages
1 Jessica Sell Jesse Mears Marty Elmore &
Marty McPherson
Bubba Hopkins Ray Franklin  
2 Noelle Nugent Tom Fonville Leah Sawyer Dennis Ludiker Anthony Mature  
3 Leah Sawyer Tom Lindsey Eddie Davis Wes Westmoreland Simon Stipp  
4 David Sawyer Sandy Darnell   River Lee David Sawyer  
5 Nate Jacobson Bob Davis   Harrison Schumann Chris Sell  
6 Christina Nugent Jimbo Miller   Karissa Nugent    
7 Isaac Carber Larry Boddie   Lydia Elseth    
8       Faith Nugent    
9       Katie Carwford    
10       Evan Meeker    
11       Elliott Dean    
12       Julie Amundson    
13       Heidi Ludiker    
14       Elijah Stone    
15       Emmy Curtis    

Groesbeck ~ May 9, 2015
49th Annual Southwest Fiddle Championship

  0-15 16-35 36-64 65+ Championship Accompanist
1 River Lee Clayton Bankston Carl Hopkins Jesse Mears Carl Hopkins Ray Franklin
2 Jessica Sell Jason Andrew Jason Crisp Tom Fonville River Lee Anthony Mature
3 Elliot Dean Noelle Nugent Ed Carnes E.J. Hopkins Jason Andrew Jacob Johnson
4 Colby Menzel Faith Nugent Julie Amundson Larry Boddie Jason Crisp Jim Reina
5   Karissa Nugent Kevin Freeman Bill May   Lewis Brandin

Alvarado ~ September 11, 2015
Johnson County Pioneers and Old Settlers Reunion Fiddle Contest

  0-15 16-25 26-45 46-65 66+ Championship
1 Christianna Nugent Karissa Nugent Jason Andrew Wes Westmoreland III Jesse Mears Wes Westmoreland III
2 London McCartney Katie Crawford Jacob Johnson Marty Elmore Harlene Bilbrey Accompanist
3 Ashlyn Corbin Jessica Sell   Ed Carnes   Hyatt Hopkins
4 Megan McAfee         Kathy McVicker

Burnet ~ September 19, 2015
Burnet Bluegrass Festival & Fiddlers Contest

  Championship Accompanist        
1 Dennis Ludiker Ray Franklin        
2 Carl Hopkins Steve Williams        
3 Karissa Nugent Jim Reina        
4 Noelle Nugent Ted Williams        
5 Keenan Fletcher Sean Curtis        
6 Heidi Ludiker          
7 Faith Nugent          
8 Owen James          
9 Emmy Curtis          
10 Cliff McCall          

Bowie ~ October 3, 2015
Chicken & Bread Days Fiddle Contest

  0-18 19-40 41-60 61+ Championship Accompanist
1 Ridge Roberts Jason Andrew Marty Elmore Jesse Mears Ridge Roberts Ray Franklin
2 Leah Sawyer Faith Nugent Kevin DeRusha Gene Brown Leah Sawyer Hyatt Hopkins
3 Elliot Dean Jacob Johnson David Sawyer, Sr. Cliff McCall Marty Elmore Nick Gillentine
4 Eliza Cain Matt Wills   Ed Henson Jason Andrew Kathy McVicker
5 Karissa Nugent,     Larry Boddie Faith Nugent John Crawford
6 Noelle Nugent     Skeeter Boyd    
7 Katie Crawford          
8 David Sawyer          
9 Christiana Nugent          
10 Emmy Curtis          
  Twin Fiddle Noelle & Karissa Nugent Marty Elmore & David Holcomb Leah & David Sawyer    

Seguin ~ October 10, 2015
Guadalupe County Fair Fiddle Contest

  0-12 13-18 19-39 40+ Championship Accompanist
1 Christiana Nugent Karissa Nugent Bubba Hopkins Julie Amundson Bubba Hopkins Ray Franklin
2   Elliot Dean Evan Meeker Owen James Karissa Nugent Eric Amundson
3   Noelle Nugent Faith Nugent Brad Riley    
4   Eliza Cain Heidi Ludiker, Eddie Davis    
5     Elijah Stone Cliff McCall    
  J Box Roberts Award Owen James Oldest Fiddler Cliff McCall Youngest Fiddler Christiana Nugent

Gilmer ~ October 17, 2015
Gilmer Yamboree Fiddle Contest

  12-19 20-35 36-64 65+ Championship Accompanist
1 Noelle Nugent Bubba Hopkins Jacob Johnson Jesse Mears Jason Andrew Bobby Christman
2 Christiana Nugent Jason Andrew Charlie Walker Tom Fonville Zirl Hopkins Ted Williams
3 Piper Whitzet     Sherry Wortham Noelle Nugent Kathy McVicker
4         Tom Fonville  
5         Jacob Johnson  

Dallas ~ November 7, 2015
1st Annual 508 Park Fiddle Contest

  0-8 9-12 13-17 18-39 40-64 65+
1 Brayden Baird Christiana Nugent Jessica Sell Jason Andrew Marty Elmore Jesse Mears
2   Ashley Jordan Noelle Nugent Katie Crawford Ed Carnes Larry Boddie
3   London McCartney Leah Sawyer Karissa Nugent Anthony Wilson Robert Frost
4   Roland Foster Daisy Walker Faith Nugent Kevin Freeman  
5   Ashlyn Corbin   Jordan Bankston Jim Varnon  
6       Jordan Greer Cliff McCall  
  Roots of Western Swing Accompanist
1 Leah Sawyer Simon Stipp
2 Jason Andrew Hyatt Hopkins
3 Fiddlin' Fools: Katie Crawford & Jessica Sell Ted Williams
4 Texas Lace: Faith, Karissa, & Noelle Nugent Nick Gillentine
5 Anthony Wilson Kathy McVicker
6 Jim Varnon Bart Baker
7 Larry Boddie John Crawford

Glen Rose ~ November 14-15, 2015
42nd Annual TOTFA Championship & Dale McPherson Memorial Contest

  0-10 11-17 18-35 36-59 60+ Championship
1 Ashlyn Corbin Elliott Dean Faith Nugent Keenan Fletcher Jesse Mears Jason Andrew
2 Cooper Roberts Noelle Nugent Ben McPherson Lydia Stuart David Holcomb River Lee
3 Roland Foster Emmy Curtis Elijah Stone John Crawford Tom Fonville Karissa Kate
4 Cameron Roberts Christiana Nugent Jordan Bankston   Cliff McCall Katie Crawford
5   Nate Jacobson     Jim Varnon Anthony Wilson
6   Carter Roberts     Robert Frost Jessica Sell
7   Daisy Walker       Julie Amundson
  Favorite Fiddler Favorite Accompanist Favorite Associate Most Improved Special Awards Accompanist
1 Karissa Nugent Kathy McVicker Lynda Lee Karissa Nugent Keenan Fletcher Hyatt Hopkins
2         Marty McPherson Jacob Johson
3         John Caballero Nick Gillentine
4           Kathy McVicker
5           Jody Elmore